The Benefits of Taking on Piloting as a Career

Becoming a Pilot

In a world of shrinking jobs, perhaps one of the biggest motivations for people seeking jobs in the flight industry is the fact that the demand for new pilots has been on the rise. This aside, there are hardly any jobs to compete with in the utter exhilaration of flying a plane in addition to a host of benefits that pilots enjoy.

Travel and free time
Many people desire to travel and see the world but this is all they can do – desire. Travel is expensive and time-consuming and many people will save for years to afford a holiday abroad. Becoming a pilot solves this gigantic problem immediately. Senior pilots fly all around the world on the job and they get to see all the distant lands we hope to see one day at no expense. On arrival at destination, pilots get plenty of time to explore the new locations and to get the souvenirs they need as all their meals and accommodations are take care of.

Even when not flying on duty, pilots get seats at discounted rates both for themselves and members of their families. Unlike other professionals, pilots also get plenty of time off. For senior pilots, for example, it is not unusual to get as many as 14 days in a month off and, were a pilot to choose to travel alone, he or she can do it for free in what are known as “jumpseats”. There is probably no other job that makes it so easy to see the world and meet people of extremely diverse cultures.

Pilots might sometimes have to do their job in the most unsociable hours but they enjoy the kind of flexibility that the typical 9-5 job can never give. Since they fly for free or very inexpensively, pilots do not have to live close to the airline’s offices and can actually live anywhere they choose and only report to work when they are needed.

Your free time is truly yours
The 9-5 worker is never really free from the demands of the office even when he or she is supposedly free and many are the workers who have to take some work home with them. For such workers, there might be phone calls and emails to attend to and so they can never really claim to be free just because they are not in the office. A pilot on the other hand is free from the very moment he or she parks the plane until the next call of duty.  Unlike my buddy who cleans teeth for a living. In his Spokane Dentist Practice once he starts on a patient there is no turning back until the patient is out of the chair.

Compared to other professionals, pilots are also reasonably remunerated and it is one career path really worth considering.

Author: John McGinnis

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