Becoming a Pilot – May Your Childhood Dream Become Reality

Becoming a Pilot – May Your Childhood Dream Become Reality

We encountered numerous times young boys and girls talking what they want to be when they grow up. At that point of life, they are infatuated with pilots and astronauts and they would like to achieve that goal sometimes in the future, but rarely some of them decide to go through with it to fulfill his or her childhood dream. This is a passion that you have to be born with and it will guide to your final goal. We don’t have many examples where person out of the blue decides he wishes to fly a plane, because this is a something that has to be deep inside you, waiting for the right moment to come out.

When you decide to become a pilot, crucial steps toward that ambition are to find an appropriate school and to add to your resume required flight hours. After that, everything comes to practice, hard work, and dedication, you will have to believe in yourself even when things and situations seem nearly impossible.

Advantages of becoming a pilot

When we think about this industry, it is a combination of good and bad news and the opinions are divided. Some people think that this industry has touched the bottom while others suggest that current economic situation implies that airlines will start hiring soon. The one thing is evident, there are a lot of job opportunities there, you only have to grab them and success should motivate you even further.

For example, you can seek job opportunities in the major airlines, or at some regional airport – military jobs are on demand, a corporate pilot is an interesting position and you can fly exclusives, tour guides and also instructors are something that you can think about. As you can see there are a lot of job opportunities and they come with highly competitive salaries.

Considering the accredited flight school, this is something that has to fulfill required standards of the United States Department of Education. At the end of your schooling, you will receive a degree. No one will require from you to attend a flight school, but this is something that will highly benefit you in the future and help you get a job that you wanted.

There are different types of flight schools that won’t issue a degree but certificate. Keep in mind that most of the employers will give an advantage to a degree, rather than to certificate. In order to become a commercial pilot, you must read, write and speak English fluently, must be 18 years old at least and you must have required flight hours.

Regarding flight hours, you will be required to have between 190 and 250 hours in order to be considered for this job position. The more flight hours you have, the better will be for you. Some airline companies require from their pilots to have 800 flight hours, before granting them to work for the company.

In flight school, you will need to have a multiengine rating, two medical certificates, if you can achieve class 1 that will be outstanding, 300 nautical miles of flight across the country and you must successfully make 10 takeoffs and landings. Your instructor will supervise your progress, you will be required to have 50 hours as a pilot in command and pass written and practical exam.

All of these requirements won’t guarantee you a job, but when you start searching for one, it will give you an idea what takes to be a successful pilot.

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