You should also take note of the aircraft that a school uses for training. The planes do not necessarily have to be brand new but they need to be properly maintained. While you might not be in a position to really assess a flight school, you could do yourself a great favor by confirming that the school you choose at least has the approval of the FAA and that the syllabus it uses is approved.
Instructor-student ratio
The success you are likely you are likely to enjoy at flight school will be influenced to a considerable extent by the attention you get from your instructors and you cannot hope to get adequate attention when you enroll in one of those crowded schools. Ideally, the instructor-student ratio should not exceed 1-2 and if your flying school has a ratio that is too far removed from this, you should consider looking elsewhere.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Flight School

Whether you plan to become a commercial pilot or just pursue flying as a hobby, the success and fun you’ll have will be determined to a great extent by the flight school you choose. With so many flight schools to choose from, what do you need to look at to make sure that you are getting into the best school?
Safety first
Flying is certainly great fun but it can also be very risky and the last thing you want to do is endanger your life when pursuing your dream. Before enrolling in a flight school, you need to verify its safety record. Find out the number of flight hours the school has undertaken and the number of accidents (if any) that have been reported. Always remember that most flight accidents lead to fatalities to appreciate the importance of knowing the safety record.
Instructors and equipment
The people who provide instruction in a great flight school should be highly experienced and should have a pass rate that they are proud to show off. Find out where the instructors at your flight school got their training.
When you visit the school, carry out your own assessment of how friendly the staff is. Even more importantly, find out about the training schedule of the school you intend to enroll in and confirm that it will work for you. Is the school willing to work around a schedule that works for you? Will you be able to attend training when you want to? Scheduling difficulties could make your flight school experience less than satisfactory and should never be overlooked.

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The Benefits of Taking on Piloting as a Career

Becoming a Pilot

In a world of shrinking jobs, perhaps one of the biggest motivations for people seeking jobs in the flight industry is the fact that the demand for new pilots has been on the rise. This aside, there are hardly any jobs to compete with in the utter exhilaration of flying a plane in addition to a host of benefits that pilots enjoy.

Travel and free time
Many people desire to travel and see the world but this is all they can do – desire. Travel is expensive and time-consuming and many people will save for years to afford a holiday abroad. Becoming a pilot solves this gigantic problem immediately. Senior pilots fly all around the world on the job and they get to see all the distant lands we hope to see one day at no expense. On arrival at destination, pilots get plenty of time to explore the new locations and to get the souvenirs they need as all their meals and accommodations are take care of.

Even when not flying on duty, pilots get seats at discounted rates both for themselves and members of their families. Unlike other professionals, pilots also get plenty of time off. For senior pilots, for example, it is not unusual to get as many as 14 days in a month off and, were a pilot to choose to travel alone, he or she can do it for free in what are known as “jumpseats”. There is probably no other job that makes it so easy to see the world and meet people of extremely diverse cultures.

Pilots might sometimes have to do their job in the most unsociable hours but they enjoy the kind of flexibility that the typical 9-5 job can never give. Since they fly for free or very inexpensively, pilots do not have to live close to the airline’s offices and can actually live anywhere they choose and only report to work when they are needed.

Your free time is truly yours
The 9-5 worker is never really free from the demands of the office even when he or she is supposedly free and many are the workers who have to take some work home with them. For such workers, there might be phone calls and emails to attend to and so they can never really claim to be free just because they are not in the office. A pilot on the other hand is free from the very moment he or she parks the plane until the next call of duty.  Unlike my buddy who cleans teeth for a living. In his Spokane Dentist Practice once he starts on a patient there is no turning back until the patient is out of the chair.

Compared to other professionals, pilots are also reasonably remunerated and it is one career path really worth considering.

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Understanding the Market

This gem of useful information was sent in from follower  

The Free Tools You Can Use To Understand Your Market
For any marketing strategy to be effective, the person charged with managing the marketing function of a company needs to be constantly aware of the goings-on in the market. Unless your knowledge of the market is current, you could end up pursuing strategies that are unlikely to bear fruit. Fortunately, the modern marketer has plenty of free online tools that will prove useful when used correctly.
What are customers searching for?
The customer is the most important person to any business and as a marketer you need to constantly review your customers’ search activities. With this knowledge, you’ll create content aimed at meeting those needs. The Google Keyword Planner is the tool to use for this. By using this tool you’ll discover any changes in search that could have taken place since you last updated your site’s content and will help you find out ways to fine tune your content.
Review industry trends
No company operates in a vacuum and the successful marketer will also need to understand the latest developments in the industry. Do you know how your brand is viewed in the market? What about the competition? There are many listening tools that you can use to keep in touch with trends in your industry. As a marketer, you need to find out the kind of mentions you are getting on social media and one tool you can use for this is Hootsuite. With this tool, you are able to post to the most important social media sites and also review what others are saying about you and your competitors. Apart from Hootsuite, there are other free listening tools which you can find by searching online.
Review the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
For a marketing strategy to be worthwhile, it needs to be frequently appraised for effectiveness. Unless you know how effective your current efforts are, you could continue wasting time and money on efforts that won’t bear fruit. While there are many tools you can use to help review your marketing efforts, the most outstanding one is Google Analytics.
Can you locate industry influencers?
Owing to their clout in any industry, influencers could make or break your brand and you need to locate them. There are plenty of free tools that you can use to find influencers and you can begin by finding the following that an influencer has on Twitter. Other reputation tools to use include Peerindex and Klout.

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Professional Website Design

Budget-friendly web design services can be found if you look hard enough.

Who says it’s impossible to have a gorgeous website even if you’re running on a tight budget? Not all company’s are money hungry and will work with you a plan to fit your budget.  And that’s not it, aside from giving you a stunning design, they would also secure the responsiveness of your website so that it will run smoothly across all digital and mobile platforms. Lastly, they ensure that your site’s contents and selected keywords are properly optimized to make it look good in Googles eyes. The worst place to be in the internet is to be left out and buried on the 3rd or 4th page of every search engine result.
Slick Professionally Designed Websites
What kind of geek do you need? Do you need top caliber web developers or the most artistic web designers? Look no further because we got all that you need. Our team works hand in hand just to give you a taste of our creative juices through our artistic masterpiece: your very own aesthetically designed and highly functional website. These web design professionals know and understand the true face value of a functional website. To them, a website is like a store front or a front liner to its target audience. That is why it needs to be user-friendly to ensure that visitors would keep on coming back for more. We would gladly sit down with our clients to fully understand what their website needs. We don’t give them just about any cookie cutter type designs, we give them the best designs that truly fits their company’s needs.
What’s there to be excited about when you have a personalized site? How can a customer enjoy the perks of having a tailor made and customized website? Aside from having stunning designs for their websites, most of our clients have enjoyed quick loading pages, smooth and responsive web sites, and user-friendly interface. We strongly believe that our clients don’t deserve to settle for less. That’s why we are heavily challenged to create a website that stands out so easily. Because, then and again, not every company is the same. Every company has its own unique traits, therefore each one of them has their own distinct needs. As a premier web design provider in the Coeur d Alene area, our aim is to deliver only the most creative, eye-catchy and effective websites services for your business. When you need a truly exceptional frontline for your website, then you only need the help of the trusted website designers.

More reasons why you should put your trust in a reputable company.  We are a leading web design company and have been satisfying customers for many years. Our valuable services has provided outstanding website solutions for companies and organizations within and beyond this area. We are a solid team of geeks who are ready to take your website to a whole new frontier. Sophisticated, crisp, professional and smooth websites are a common trait to our site. But all these things make our websites stunning, so they can us stand out from the crowd. When you see a site with all those characteristics, you would know the geniuses behind it.
And we don’t just stop in giving you a superb website, we go an extra mile, by making it seen to millions, of people who might just be looking for your company. After all, what good is a cool, bad ass website if it sits still on the 3rd or 4th page, waiting to be found?
Our custom work lets you enjoy all the perks of a fluid and smooth website, minus the extra frills. All you need to do is a quick ring and a free website audit. Next thing you know, your website is reeking with a huge fan base and millions of followers after a major overhaul performed by the hands of the true experts in web development and web design.  For Coeur D Alene Website Design give us a call today!!

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Coeur d Alene and Seo

A Career In Aviation – What You Need To Know

A lot of children dream of being a commercial pilot when they grow up. As a toddler, sneaking a peek inside the cockpit of a Boeing 727, while leaving on vacation with my parents was what sparked my dream of someday flying. Flying becomes almost a passion for some. The freedom you feel soaring high above the ground, alone, at the controls of a plane is a beautiful, sometimes surreal experience. For those bitten by the flying bug, that wish to work in aviation, the time has never been better.

Have you ever visualized of becoming a Commercial Pilot? There’s always a need for qualified commercial pilots, and it can be a fun and rewarding career. The first step in becoming a commercial pilot is obtaining your Private Pilot’s Certificate. It can be done at your local airport. Many flight schools offer flight training. It’s best to do an internet search or visit your local airport and see what flight schools exist. They can give you a breakdown of the cost to obtain your certificate.

small airplane

This week we were visited by a Pilot out of Coeur D Alene Idaho.  He isn’t an actual full time pilot, he just does it as a hobby.  His full time job is helping company’s achieve a strong online presence through Search Engine Optimization.  He was a very smart guy and shared some pretty big names as clients.  If you’re a company struggling with getting your website in front of people I encourage you to look him up. You can find him by doing a google search “Coeur d Alene SEO” You can also find him through his Twitter and FB page.

To become a Private Pilot the core requirements are you must be at least 17 years old, you must pass a written and practical (flight test). You’ll also be required to pass a medical exam and hold at least a third-class medical certificate. Later, you will need to earn a second class medical certificate to obtain your commercial license. Regarding flight training, to receive your Private Pilot Certificate you’ll need a minimum of 40 hours total time of flight training. Usually, your flight training is done in a Cessna 172, which is a four-seat aircraft. These planes have long been the choice of flight training because of their stable flight characteristics and ease of learning to operate.


Once you complete your training and pass your tests, you’re free to fly with friends, go on trips and share expenses of fuel, but you can’t be paid to fly yet. It is the time that most aspiring build flight time by doing as much flying as they can. The next step is to obtain your Instrument Rating. This rating will allow you to fly in the clouds without outside visual references. It is not necessary to get your Commercial Pilot Certificate but is required if you want to fly with airlines or most other air carriers. The instrument rating is specialized training to teach you to fly by only using the flight instruments on the plane.

To become a Commercial Pilot you’ll need to have your Private Pilot’s Certificate, be at least 18 years old and have at least 250 hours of total flight time. You’ll need additional training from an instructor and to pass another written and flight test. Once you get this license, you can now be paid for certain types of flying, like banner towing, agricultural flying and aerial photogrammetry, but you still aren’t in a position to fly as a flight crew member for an airline. To do this, you need to build up a lot more flight time; typically 1500 hours. You can build up time by becoming a flight instructor, which requires more training and certifications.

Once you have the hours needed, you’ll need to obtain your Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATP) & a first class medical certificate. The ATP is what allows you to work as a flight crew member in scheduled airline operations. You must also be at least 23 years old, read, write and speak English and be of good moral character.All of this flight training costs money and some opt to go into the military to learn to fly. So becoming a Commercial Pilot is hard work and takes dedication, but once you reach your goals the possibilities for flying jobs is endless. You can be a charter pilot, airline pilot, tour pilot and more.

With leaps and bounds in unmanned aerial vehicles technology today, there will soon be more of a need for pilots to fly these types of aircraft and mechanics to service them. If you’re passionate about aviation but don’t necessarily want to fly, there are many other fields in aviation that you can go into like aeronautical engineering, air traffic controller, dispatcher, mechanic and more. The sky’s the limit.

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Becoming a Pilot – May Your Childhood Dream Become Reality

Becoming a Pilot – May Your Childhood Dream Become Reality

We encountered numerous times young boys and girls talking what they want to be when they grow up. At that point of life, they are infatuated with pilots and astronauts and they would like to achieve that goal sometimes in the future, but rarely some of them decide to go through with it to fulfill his or her childhood dream. This is a passion that you have to be born with and it will guide to your final goal. We don’t have many examples where person out of the blue decides he wishes to fly a plane, because this is a something that has to be deep inside you, waiting for the right moment to come out.

When you decide to become a pilot, crucial steps toward that ambition are to find an appropriate school and to add to your resume required flight hours. After that, everything comes to practice, hard work, and dedication, you will have to believe in yourself even when things and situations seem nearly impossible.

Advantages of becoming a pilot

When we think about this industry, it is a combination of good and bad news and the opinions are divided. Some people think that this industry has touched the bottom while others suggest that current economic situation implies that airlines will start hiring soon. The one thing is evident, there are a lot of job opportunities there, you only have to grab them and success should motivate you even further.

For example, you can seek job opportunities in the major airlines, or at some regional airport – military jobs are on demand, a corporate pilot is an interesting position and you can fly exclusives, tour guides and also instructors are something that you can think about. As you can see there are a lot of job opportunities and they come with highly competitive salaries.

Considering the accredited flight school, this is something that has to fulfill required standards of the United States Department of Education. At the end of your schooling, you will receive a degree. No one will require from you to attend a flight school, but this is something that will highly benefit you in the future and help you get a job that you wanted.

There are different types of flight schools that won’t issue a degree but certificate. Keep in mind that most of the employers will give an advantage to a degree, rather than to certificate. In order to become a commercial pilot, you must read, write and speak English fluently, must be 18 years old at least and you must have required flight hours.

Regarding flight hours, you will be required to have between 190 and 250 hours in order to be considered for this job position. The more flight hours you have, the better will be for you. Some airline companies require from their pilots to have 800 flight hours, before granting them to work for the company.

In flight school, you will need to have a multiengine rating, two medical certificates, if you can achieve class 1 that will be outstanding, 300 nautical miles of flight across the country and you must successfully make 10 takeoffs and landings. Your instructor will supervise your progress, you will be required to have 50 hours as a pilot in command and pass written and practical exam.

All of these requirements won’t guarantee you a job, but when you start searching for one, it will give you an idea what takes to be a successful pilot.

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